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You may be feeling pretty confused and scared right now.
There are so many questions, and you're not sure where to turn for honest answers.
We will give you free, confidential, truthful, helpful information about the best decision for your baby. 
We have qualified, caring Adoption Coordinators near you in North & South Carolina who are ready to talk with you right now.


Safe and Legal

We’re a local Christian agency and we’re here to help meet your needs.


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Learn About Your Options

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- Free ongoing support and counseling
- Referrals for prenatal care
-Help with talking to your family and to the father of the baby (if known)
- You choose the family for your child...take a look at some of the families waiting to parent!
-You choose whether or not you want an open or closed adoption
- Pictures and letters about your child for 18 years, if desired
Annual birth mother's retreat
- Assistance referrals for living expenses

Does adoption scare you?  Do you want to make sure your child will be cared for?  We can help walk you through these questions. 
Call, text or e-mail us right now.  We are here for you. 
Watch stories below from some of the women we have already walked with through this process...


I was scared, nervous, angry at myself because I put myself in that situation. But I knew I had to do something for the sake of my child’s future.
— Melinda


Christian Adoption walked me through the whole thing. I got to pick my family... Christian Adoption, they’re just a big part of my life. They are a big part of where I am right now...and they’ve supported me the whole time too.
— Brittni


Adoption is an option. When you get pregnant unexpectedly, abortion and parenting shouldn’t be the only two things that come into your mind. Adoption is a beautiful thing.
— Kelsey