Foster Care

Learn more about our partnership with Baptist Children’s Homes and their foster care program.



Christian Adoption Services has partnered with Baptist Children’s Homes of North Carolina to offer comprehensive foster care and adoption services to families throughout the state.

Although our agency does not work directly with DSS, through this partnership, we are able to offer the opportunity to adopt through the foster care system to the families we work with.


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What are the requirements to become registered foster parents?

Requirements include but are not limited to:

  • All applicants must participate in and complete 30 hours of pre-service training.

  • Applicants and household members must meet minimum physical and mental health requirements as indicated by a physical examination completed by a licensed medical provider.

  • Applicants must complete a criminal background check.

  • Applicants must meet the minimum age require- ment of 21 years old. There is no upper age limit.

  • Foster families need to have adequate income to financially support their own family without relying on the foster care payment. The foster care payment reimburses for room, board and supervision.

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How do we work together with Baptist Children’s Homes?

  • Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH) and Christian Adoption Services (CAS) have a long history of helping vulnerable children in North Carolina.

  • There was a growing need within their foster care ministry for children to be adopted, and since the mission of both organizations is very closely aligned, they turned to CAS to help facilitate the process. 

  • As children with BCH are cleared to be adopted, they will work with CAS to get all the proper requirements completed so these children can be placed with a forever family.


What does this partnership mean for CAS families?

  • Now in addition to being able to adopt through CAS’ Domestic and International adoption programs, you can also adopt through our foster care program.

  • Most of the children eligible for adoption through this program will be older children or sibling groups

  • Due to the nature of adoption through the foster care system, the cost to adopt through this program is much lower than the domestic or international adoption programs.



An important element of a successful adoption plan is becoming educated. Research indicates that informed parents have realistic expectations leading to successful adoptive placements. CAS requires foster care adoptive parents to complete the following training:

We ask that you take the following courses

"Helping Kids Transition from Foster Care to Adoption”, an audio course from Creating a Family

"Foster Family to Forever Family, " a web-based course from Adoption Learning Partners

Complete two additional classes at or from this list:

Finding the Missing Pieces
Conspicuous Families
Journey of Attachment
Adopting the Older Child
Impact of Loss on Foster Kids and Foster Parents
No Such Thing as a Bad Kid: Parenting Traumatized Kid
Parenting Tool Kit for Hard to Parent Kids
Trauma-Informed Parenting: Practical Applications of TBRI

Call the CAS office at (704) 847-0038 or email for more information regarding the domestic adoption process.