Considering Adoption?

We’re a local Christian agency and we’re here to help meet your needs. We offer safe and legal adoption in North and South Carolina.

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What are the requirements to adopt domestically?

  • Married for at least two years

  • At least 25 years of age

  • Good physical and emotional health.

  • No criminal record inclusive of major offenses or pattern of such offenses or any criminal matters that have not been satisfactorily resolved

  • Applicants with CAS must be believers in the basic Christian tenets


The steps that lead up to a domestic adoption

  • Attend informational meeting (date to be determined)

  • Complete preliminary application

  • Initial Review

  • Complete application for adoption

  • Participate in pre-placement assessment (homestudy) process

  • Meeting with domestic program coordinator

  • Submission of photo book for review and finalization

  • Submit photos for website

  • Receive referral for placement



The steps following adoption

Once you have taken placement of a child, you will be required to have follow-up post-placement visits by a caseworker. To finalize an adoption in North Carolina, you are required to have a minimum of three such visits – the first is to occur two weeks from your arrival home with your child.

The CAS staff is always available to discuss concerns or issues relating to your adoption. If a member of our staff is not equipped to address your particular issue we can serve as a referral resource.



An important element of a successful adoption plan is becoming educated. Research indicates that informed parents have realistic expectations leading to successful adoptive placements. CAS requires domestic adoptive parents to complete the following training:

Complete a minimum of four classes at from this list:

Let's Talk Adoption
Conspicuous Families
The Journey Attachment
Open Adoption 101
Adopted: The Identity Project
Becoming Your Child's Best Advocate
Finding the Missing Pieces

Certification in Infant CPR.

Attendance at 1 (one) CAS training conference offered each spring and fall if a local family.

Call the CAS office at (704) 847-0038 or email to become registered in our online adoption management system.