Christian Adoption Services has been accredited by the Philippines as a child-placing agency for over 35 years.



Laura Nichols-Virgilio
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The Philippines Intercounty Adoption Board (ICAB) distributes a list of waiting children once a month. Although the background, ages and abilities of these children vary, they are all anxiously awaiting a "forever family".  To receive the Philippine Special Home Finding List of children available please contact Laura Nichols-Virgilio.

*Due to our Special Home Finding Program being on hold, we are not currently sharing the Waiting Kids list.

There are three tracks to adopt from the Philippines:

Regular: For healthy children under 6 years old, families must submit a dossier and wait for a referral. Gender cannot be specified and the wait time for a referral is around 3-4 years. CAS can only submit a limited number of applications for this program each year. Please inquire about the current status of this program

Special Home Finding: This program places healthy, waiting children who are over age 7, children with special needs, ages 2-15, and sibling groups. A waiting list is released once per month. Families may apply for a specific child or siblings on the waiting list. Unrelated children may not be adopted at the same time. Families in this program usually travel within 12-18months from application.

*We are not currently accepting applications for our Special Home Finding Program.

Relative Adoption: Families may apply to adopt their relative child whose relationship falls within the 4th degree of consanguinity and meets requirements for adoption under the Hague Convention. Families must submit a Relative Questionnaire to determine the child's eligibility. Once the child is cleared for international adoption, the process follows the same steps as other adoptions, including all fees.


Translated: No
Notarization: Yes
Apostille: No


1 Trip, 7 days. It is strongly preferred that both parents travel. One parent may travel in some circumstances.


Type of Placement: Guardianship
Finalization: Approximately 12 months after placement
Post Placement Requirements: 4 reports over 8 months