Czech Republic

Christian Adoption Services is the only Hague-accredited agency in the United States which holds accreditation to place children from the Czech Republic.



Laura Nichols-Virgilio
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  • Healthy children and children with special needs between 2-7 years old

  • There are more boys than girls available and most children are of Romany heritage

  • Referrals of healthy children under age 3 take 2-3 years. Families open to special needs may receive referral more quickly. Occasionally waiting children are available for CAS families to consider.





Translated: Yes
Notarization: Yes
Apostille: Yes

1 Trip, 5-6 weeks in duration. Both parents must travel.

Type of Placement: Guardianship
Finalization: 8-12 months after placement
Post Placement Requirements: 3 reports over 6 months to finalize. Post adoption reports every 3 years until the child turns 18.