Age: 5
Gender: Male
Country: Philippines
Reference Number: 10320 (15-0268)
Profile Updated: July 2016
Photo Updated: July 2016



Roldan was a full term baby born in a hospital through normal delivery. Roldan’s mother was unable to care for him and she gave up Roldan at 1 day old. Roldan is described as a shy child but is beginning to open up more to those around him. He is gaining more self-confidence and starting to initiate and engage in conversation with staff and other children. Roldan currently lives in a home with other toddlers and enjoys coloring, tracing shapes, and looking at picture books with them. Roldan was diagnosed with Global Developmental Delay and exhibits some speech delays. However, he has improved upon attending Speech Therapy once a week and receiving some one-on-one tutoring in the home. Roldan is able to dress/undress, brush his teeth, and fill up his own glass with water from a jug. He is described as introverted but has happy and views his environment as caring and friendly. Roldan needs a family of his own who will help him reach his full potential. It is recommended that he be placed with a family with an older child who could provide him with love, care, guidance, and security.

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