Age: 14
Gender: Female
Country: Philippines
Reference Number: 214 (17-0048)
Profile Updated: December 2016
Photo Updated: December 2016




Renalyn is a healthy and active girl. She enjoys dance classes and is very graceful in ballet. Renalyn is described as happy and kind. She loves to laugh and joke with friends. She has an engaging personality and is well liked by others. She is a natural leader among her peers.

Renalyn is a good student and is doing well in school. She has average intelligence. Renalyn experienced abuse prior to coming into the center. She has been very open in working with her counselor to address her history and feelings surrounding it. She has made a lot of progress and desires to heal and be whole. Renalyn understands adoption and strongly desires to have a family to love her. Renalyn also understands her age and the potential for her to age out soon. She hopes a family will choose her in time. Renalyn hopes to be a flight attendant or doctor one day so she can help people.

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