Kristian, Michaella, & Kris Ann

Siblings: 12, 9, 7
Gender: Male, Female, Female
Country: Philippines
Reference Number: 92 (16-0260, 0261, 0262)
Profile Updated: June 2016
Photo Updated: June 2016


Kristian, Michaella and Kris Ann are siblings. They are healthy and active.

Kristian enjoys playing basketball and soccer. He does well in school and his favorite subjects are English, science and trivia. Kristian loves to draw, read, play cards and with action figures. He and his friends enjoy building with Legos. As there are several deaf children in the center, Kristian has learned sign language to communicate with them and often interprets for his deaf friends. Kristian wants to be a scientist when he grows up.

Michaella loves to run, jump and play. She enjoys playing outside on the playground equipment and playing Chinese jump rope and hula hoop. Michaella is currently taking ballet/ dance therapy classes at the center. Michaella is graceful and shows potential in dance. She is gaining confidence in her abilities.

Kris Ann enjoys playing at the park, climbing on the monkey bars, playing on the slide and jumping rope. She also takes ballet lessons and her instructor notes that she has the potential to be a good dancer.  

The children are learning English and have a basic understanding, though their primary language is Tagalog. The children have a trauma history and need parents who have an understanding of their emotional needs as they grow older.

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