Jenny, James & Ashley

Siblings, Ages 8, 6 & 3
Gender: Female, Male, Female
Country: Philippines
Reference Number: 929 (16-0296), 411
Profile Updated: July 2016
Photo Updated: July 2016

Jenny, James & Ashley are siblings who are healthy & active. The children currently live together with a foster family. They have a strong bond and enjoy playing together.





Jenny is described as obedient, well behaved and kind to her classmates. Her teacher reports that she performs satisfactorily in class. She enjoys playing games outside with her friends during recess. Jenny loves to learn new things. Jenny's intellectual functioning was assessed to be borderline.

Jenny has a negative social history.

James is described as an active child who has average performance in school. He enjoys playing outside and often shares his toys with his friends and siblings so they can play together. James was assessed to have average intellectual functioning.

Ashley likes to dance when she hears music and tries to sing the lyrics. She is developmentally on target for her age. Ashley plays well with her siblings and neighbor children. Ashley loves to listen to her foster mother read bedtime stories each night.