Ayang & Anna

Ages: 9, 8 - siblings
Gender: Female, Female
Country: Philippines
Reference Number: 127
Profile Updated: April 2016
Photo Updated: April 2016



Ayang is described as playful and often plays with the younger children. She likes to lead the prayer at meals and bedtime, but cannot pronounce some of the words clearly. Ayang is friendly and often says "hello" and "ba-bye" to her friends and teachers. She is improving in her fine motor skills and can now zip and unzip zippers and turn pages in a book. Ayang is diagnosed with Down syndrome.

Anna is described as a conversant child who can easily be talked to. She is expressive of her feelings, behaves well and works hard in school. She has a basic understanding of adoption and desires to have a family of her own. Anna is aware of her sister's condition and shows her care, love and attention.

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