April Jhon, Christian, Marco & Princess Ulyanne

Ages: 11, 6, 4 & 3 - siblings
Gender: Male, Male, Male, Female
Country: Philippines
Reference Number: 81 (16-0214, 0215, 0216, 0218) 
Profile Updated: January 2017
Photo Updated: January 2017





April Jhon, Christian, Marco and Princess Ulyanne are siblings. They are healthy and active.

April Jhon is active, playful and energetic. He is a natural leader and is responsible in his daily chores. He is not shy and likes to sing and dance. He shows interest in musical instruments and keyboards. He enjoys playing basketball, baseball and karate.

Christian is described as shy, quiet, sweet and affectionate. He likes toy trucks, building block towers, singing and dancing.

Marco is shy but friendly. He is described as smiley, loving and affectionate. He enjoys looking at books and building with blocks. He loves to play ball games outside.

Princess Ulyanne is pretty, charming and responsive. She likes singing and dancing to music. She is affectionate with her caregivers. She is talkative, active and playful. Princess Ulyanne has been diagnosed with Global Developmental Delay and is recommended for speech and occupational therapy. 

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