Angelito Ortiz Baatan

Age: 5
Gender: Male
Country: Philippines
Reference Number: 9567 13-0457
Profile Updated: August 2016
Photo Updated: 


Angelito is a friendly and healthy young boy. He is described as happy and determined. Angelito enjoys school and is excited for the opportunity to learn something new every day. He mingles well with his classmates, has developed a group a friends, and is comfortable in the classroom.

Angelito’s ability to verbalize is limited but has greatly improved upon receiving therapy. Angelito is also diagnosed with Global Developmental Delay and Dysmorphic features, however, he is a tough boy and knows he can overcome these disabilities. His disability has not been a hindrance to him but a challenge faced by him to become stronger.  

Despite Angelito’s positive outlook, he needs a family that understands his disabilities and is willing to undertake the responsibilities of his delays so he can continue to grow. Angelito needs a forever family who can give him unconditional love, encouragement, and security.

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