Cristina & Jericho

Ages: 16 & 13 - siblings
Gender: Female, Male
Country: Philippines
Reference Number: 9421 (13-0311; 9422 (13-0312)
Profile Updated: January 2016
Photo Updated: January 2016



Cristina and Jericho are healthy siblings.

Cristina is generally quiet, but enjoys mingling and playing with the other children. She is active and joins in new activities. Cristina enjoys creating art and has a good sense of color combinations and abstract designs. She dreams of becoming a fashion designer one day. Cristina is described as shy, quiet, kind and reserved.

Jericho is active and enjoys physical activities. He is playful and has many friends. He is approachable and industrious. Jericho does well in school and is helpful with chores around the center.

The siblings are strong in their Christian faith and have a positive relationship with each other. Their two older sisters have aged out and are no longer able to be adopted. While their sisters are sad about this, they are comfortable staying at the center to attend college. They desire for Cristina and Jericho to still be adopted together. 

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