Carlo & Carla

Twins, Age 8
Gender: Male, Female
Country: Philippines
Reference Number: 95
Profile Updated: December 6, 2016
Photo Updated: June, 2016

Carlo & Carla are twins who have a strong bond with each other.





Carlo is described as cheerful, active, affectionate and loves to play. He is healthy and continues to present with delay in all areas of development. Carlo loves to run, climb, play tag, ride a skateboard, play basketball and play with his friends. Carlo is enthusiastic about learning when the subject matter is easy, but he gives up easily if things become challenging.

Carlo was non-verbal upon admission. He was immediately introduced to sign language so he can communicate and now can verbalize about 30 words in Tagalog. Carlo's receptive language seems to be intact.

Carla is cheerful with a ready smile and infectious laugh. She enjoys running, climbing, playing catch and chase with her friends. She loves to color, look at books and play with dolls. Carla struggles with gross motor skills such as wide arm actions. Fine motor skills are difficult, but Carla has made much progress in this area.

Carla is non-verbal. She cannot speak, but she communicates with signs and gestures. She uses facial expressions, noises or intonations, and pointing to direct attention. Carla notices everything that happens visually and shows no interest in learning to speak. She uses sign language when she wants to communicate. Carla has been diagnosed with epilepsy and takes daily medicine to control seizure activity.

The children have a negative social history. Both children have significant delays in all areas of development, especially in communication which is suggestive of intellectual disability. Both children show ability to learn, but their potential is unknown. Carlo and Carla need a family who is prepared to accept the children as they are and provide for their many needs.