Age: 13
Gender: Male
Country: Philippines
Reference Number: 10341
Profile Updated: 
Photo Updated: January 2017



Benjie is a healthy and active 12 year old boy. He is described as a sweet and cheerful child. He always smiles and shows respect to those he is familiar with. Benjie is confident and loves to show people his dance moves. He is enjoys drawing, and is active in sports, especially soccer. In school, he is attentive and dreams of becoming a policeman when he finishes his studies. 

There have been some behaviors of bullying and disobedience, however, he is maturing with age and these behaviors have been slowly declining. Benjie has expressed his desire to be adopted and has a strong need for parental affection and guidance. It is recommended that he is placed with a patient and active family that will love, accept and help him to grow. 

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