Age: 9
Gender: Male
Country: Philippines
Reference Number: 627 (16-0175) 
Profile Updated: February 2017
Photo Updated: January 2017


Angelo is a healthy and active boy. He likes to play with cars, planes and balls. He enjoys running with the other children in the center. He often plays Uno, puzzles or Legos in his free time. Angelo gets along well with older and younger children. He currently attends the center’s home school where his teacher describes him as an independent student.

Angelo experienced trauma when he was a toddler and has been in care since he was approximately 2 years old. There is no known information about his biological family. Angelo is being monitored by a nephrologist for a possible kidney issue.

Angelo desires to have a family of his own. A family for Angelo will need to be prepared to help him address the trauma he experienced as a young child and be able to provide treatment for any condition that might be diagnosed with his kidney.

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