Age: 11
Gender: Female
Country: Philippines
Reference Number: 129 (16-0030)
Profile Updated: August 2016
Photo Updated: August 2016



Angelique is a sweet and loving girl. She loves to sing and is always humming a song. Angelique participates well in school and has a good attention span. She loves babies and enjoys playing with the younger children in the center. Angelique enjoys swimming and participating in hip hop dance classes.

At 3 days old, Angelique was given by her mother to another woman. This woman was on vacation from Thailand and falsified Angelique’s birth certificate to enable her to take Angelique back to Thailand with her and her boyfriend. The couple raised Angelique as their daughter for several years, however when they tried to obtain a visa for Angelique to go with them to Germany, her identity was revealed and her visa was denied. The couple attempted to adopt Angelique but was denied.  Angelique was returned to the Philippines. Her biological mother attempted to get her daughter back, but was not found capable to parent Angelique. Angelique was placed in foster care and experienced several placements. She has now been placed in a child caring facility where she has thrived.

Angelique has been diagnosed with mild cerebral palsy and low average intelligence. She speaks English fluently, as well as conversational Thai and Tagalog. Angelique is eager to learn and shows potential. She is a sweet girl who desires a permanent family of her own. Angelique needs a family who can meet her medical needs, as well as her emotional needs of having multiple losses in her young life. 

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